YOUthKMER is a National alliance of civil society organisations, Communitty leaders and activists dedicated to Coodinate, support and capitalise citizen action and civil society on SDGs throughout the Country.


 “peace and community development”:

we are striving for a peaceful country where everybody can develop him self.



The core of YV4SDGs is to drive concrete action by young people and civil society Organizations   towards the Sustainable Development Goals, not just engage them in advocacy.

The  YOUTHKmer  Volunteers  for  SDGs  programme is  an  initiative  of  the  United  Nations Volunteers Program in Cameroon in partnership with 5 associations members of the Platform of Volunteering Associations in Cameroon( PlaVolCam ) and a network of community-based associations in the Far-North of Cameroon, setting up a platform of youth leaders and associations that contribute to the popularization, the contextualisation and the achievement of the SDGs in Cameroon.

Our Contribution to Change

  • Our diverse national membership, with a strong presence in the 360 council of our country.
  • Our clear mandate to achieve the SDGs and promote civil society.
  • Our focus on strengthening sustainable actions of civil society writ large, working across issues, geographies and organization types.
  • Our role as a trusted coordination and thought leader on Sustainable Development Goals and .civil society issues
  • Our ability to amplify civil society actions and buld community leaders and organizations capacities for more actions.
  • Our commitment to standing in solidarity with actors across civil society and other stakeholder.
  • Our capacity to incubate and support ambitious strategies and initiatives to achieve the SDGs
  • Effectiveness and inclusivity

What we do

  1. Capacity building

Capacity building of community-based associations is one of the fundamental tasks of this project; it aims to provide these associations with the technical support they need to strengthen their capacities and thus be able to achieve the objectives they have set themselves at the local level in terms of community projects and sustainable development. This essential part aims to help the associations and young leaders members of the platform to develop capacities to prepare and implement well-structured projects.

In fact, community-based associations or most of them carry out actions that are not capitalized and that would have had more impact if they were equipped; and this part of the project will equip them with skills to mobilize resources, create partnerships and build links with national and international actors by developing:

– Knowledge-related capabilities: enable them to be able to obtain, generate, manage and exchange information and knowledge;

– Partnership-related capabilities: enable them to be able to enter networks, alliances and partnerships;

– Execution capabilities: management capabilities to be able to execute and lead projects, from planning to monitoring and evaluation.

  1. Mobilization of resources

We aim to leverage local resources, including individuals, skills, technologies and organizations; and international resources to focus on improving the sustainability of community-based association projects, by promoting the inclusion of sustainable development goals.

Promote projects and activities of associations on a digital platform where partners can identify projects that correspond to their missions.

Look for funding offers from foundations and development partners and apply for associations.

Create a space for dialogue between development partners and community-based associations in the national territory

  1. Sharing knowledge and tools

A digital platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of tools is set up where associations can share not only their knowledge and experiences, but also the tools they will each develop for communication, sensitization, extension ODD or projects.

It consists of :

  • Reuse ideas, experiences and expertise

When a platform member has developed an effective process, it seems normal that others use the same process when the same issue arises in their communities. If someone has formalized this know-how in a document, a presentation or a video it can be reused easily thus allowing any potential user not to reinvent the wheel, to avoid errors, to homogenize the working modes , to improve its performance, to accelerate the progress of its association.

  • Avoid making the same mistake several times

Knowledge sharing will provide access to good practice but also to teaching that mistakes have brought. Knowing that more lessons are learned from failures than from successes, it is a question of encouraging associations to consult previous experiences before embarking on a new project or a development, otherwise they will reproduce the same mistakes.

  • Take advantage of existing experiences and expertise

The members of the platform will benefit from the experience and know-how of each member. This complementarity will make the platform more efficient than the sum of the individuals who compose it. It is therefore important to know what others know, and a sharing platform provides quick and easy access to collective knowledge on a specific topic, but also to the contact details of experts to join them to our project

  • rovide methods, tools, templates, techniques and examples

All knowledge is reusable. Advertising and encouraging members to use them improves quality, increases performance and ensures greater impact. In most cases, this knowledge comes from the field and is very operational. They are understandable immediately by the people concerned even when they are shared without filtering. A video in which a member explains how to conduct an investigation does not require any editing or pre-established dialogue, it is intended for other members who speak the same language, use the same words. It should also be borne in mind that standards and procedures are not self-generated, but come from field experiences. In the end, all the tools, methods and examples are materials that will make it possible to change the impacts in the future.

  1. Reporting and Capitalization

We will capitalize the actions of the member associations of the platform to write each year a report containing figures in terms of projects and impact achieved by community-based associations in the national territory; so the degree of appropriation and implementation of measurable silk ODD in Cameroon.

How We Make A Difference

  • Pooling efforts
  • Shaping our actions around communities needs
  • Being available for everyone and every where
  • Building solidarity among civil society across the country
  • Supporting civil society to connect with others
  • Producing timely and world-class knowledge and analysis
  • Advocating for open spaces and systemic change
  • Amplifying actions of those usually not included
  • Promoting resourcing of diverse and resilient civil society
  • Innovating and incubate bold initiatives
  • Promote, model and disseminate civil society best practice
  • Promoting social cohesion