YOUTHKmer know your SDGs

it is a colaborative iniative powered whit the United Nations Coordination office.

This program aim to build   knowledge and capacities of Young peolple, Community leaders and Civil society actors   on various topics: SDGs, projects , resources mobilization , reporting, volunteering and leadership for a better ownership, vulgarisation and participation in achieving the SDGs.


We are dreaming for a Commeroon where every one is aware and engage in achieving the SDGs at the local level.

The program targets the 360 ​​districts of Cameroon and the first phase is the organization in all University cities of training and awareness-raising workshops on the SDGs. We call for any form of support or initiatives that can help the success of this program

Public Exchange Workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals raise awareness and engage young people to take action to achieve the SDGs in theire Communitie | DSCHANG-CAMEROON | 27 MARCH 2019
Symposium on the Sustainable Development Goals: Food security and sustainable nutrition policy: issues and perspective; Raise awareness and train students on the SDGs with a focus on risk factors related to unhealthy eating habits and projection towards sustainable food for achieving SDG2 by 2030. | University of Dschang-Cameroon | 28 MARCH 2019

Communication campaign on sustainable development goals in the city of Ngaoundere in Cameroon’s Adamaoua region.

The  event targets the populations of the Adamaoua region, especially those of the city of Ngaoundéré: girls, students, civil society, the general public. More specifically, it will be a question of organizing:

  • An awareness session for girls on community volunteering and sustainable development goals;
  • An information and sensitization session for civil society organizations in the city of Ngaoundéré, and the presentation of the « Youth Kamer volunteers for SDGs » platform;
  • Deployment of « My World Campaign » to students and members of associations;
  • A communication campaign on the SDGs in the media (intervention in programs on local radio stations in the city of Ngaoundéré).

Youth Speak Forum (YSF) is a premiere event that brings together both young and senior leaders in a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space to create solutions and actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals relevant in a specific community.

Cameroon Youth Speak Forum   is an event organized by AIESEC in Cameroon in Colaboration whit YOUthKMER and the United Nation Coordination Office in Cameroon,  that takes place once a year, bringing  young people from high schools and Universities  together with business leaders, thought leaders and experts for a conversation around youth contribution to the global agenda. The aim is to generate actionable ideas that will impact the world.

Supporting Youth Citizenship in Contributing to the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

CAMEROON YOUTH SPEAK FORUM DOUALA| 2019 Topic  is: “Engaging young people through volunteering to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals’: From Potential to Success The Forum will be the touchpoint for aligning thousands of AIESEC’s volunteer and social impact projects with the SDGs.

It happen through a unique framework

Inspire:        Top business and thought leaders are invited to share their knowledge with the delegates about Volunteerism. This section of the day is delivered through short and powerful talks and aims to inspire delegates and help to form their opinions for the rest of the day.

Engage:       Our partner organizations engage with the youth delegates to give new perspectives on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals at the local level through workshops, conversations and idea generation spaces. Youth and speakers are able to interact, exchange opinions and understand what is being done in the world already to address the question of SDGs.

Act:       The youth delegates take their learning and insights from the day into a space where they are able to co-create ideas and solutions with their peers and experts in the room. The aim is to switch their ideas into actions that each stakeholder can take forward to contribute to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, resulting in commitments and projects that organizations and stakeholders can support.