The  YOUTHKmer  Volunteers  for  SDGs  programme is  an  initiative  of  the  United  Nations Volunteers Program in Cameroon in partnership with 5 associations members of the Platform of Volunteering Associations in Cameroon( PlaVolCam ) and a network of community-based associations in the Far-North of Cameroon, setting up a platform of youth leaders and associations that contribute to the popularization, the contextualisation and the achievement of the SDGs in Cameroon.


Our goal is to highlight the contribution of volunteering in achieving the SDGs in Cameroon, through the establishment of a coordination platform, structuring, capacity building, support to best initiatives and the capitalization of actions from Cameroonian youths and associations striving to achieve the SDGs in their communities.

This we ensure through the follwoing objectives

1. YOUTHKmer together 4 SGDs: it’s about « summing up » human, material and intellectual resources  …  from  Cameroonians  Youths  working  for  the  achievement  of  the  SDGs  in Cameroon; through the creation of a platform for synergy, sharing of experiences, good practices, communication… between the network members.

2. YOUTHKmer know your SDGs: it is about building   knowledge and capacities of the platform’s members on various topics (SDGs, structuring of association, projects writing, resources mobilization , reporting, volunteering and leadership, communication … ) for a better ownership, vulgarisation and participation in achieving the SDGs.

3. YOUthKmer engages 4 SDGs: the members as field agents (vulgarization activities, sensitization, monitoring, reporting, projects …), become ambassadors for the SDGs among their peers and their community. Members are responsible for seeking partnerships and mobilizing resources for their activities.

4. YOUTHKmer report on SDGs: members (youth and community volunteers) report regularly data and results of their activities for a better capitalization of their contribution towards the achievement of the SDGs.

5. YOUTHKmer champion 4 SDGs: rewards youths or youth associations of the platform who have distinguished themselves in the activities carried out during the year and / or to support the best initiatives / proposed projects


Our vision is centered around 4A’s


Vision I – SDG AWARE

Awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda – 2030 is very vital in actually trying to realize the vision of the global goals. The idea is to impart the sense of responsibility towards the global vision amongst all stakeholders in the society by involving governments bodies, corporates, industries, academicians, students & responsible citizens to do their bit for creating a measurable social impact.


“Awake” is an after effect of the sensitization of Awareness and importance of the SDG Agenda framework. Think-tank about the local problems, a study of the gap & need analysis and bringing up doable solutions for them. Understanding the on ground execution & governance processes and defining the scope of the program along with emphasis on the impact helps in shaping up various programs/projects to work.

Vision III – SDG ACT

Getting programs to real-time success, creating a bandwidth for right usage of resources as in Mechanisms, Manpower & Money keeping the Measurable Impact in focus, is the next unavoidable Action.




The strategic & financial transparency and impact showcased should be able motivate everyone in the collaboration ecosystem to perform more and better to keep up the sustainable

progress and make the World a better place to live in.